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The Little Planner | Weddings | Events | Design was created in 2016 when Abby designed, implemented, and executed the building of centerpieces for a high school teacher. She and the teacher met for months and met over summer break to create the perfect 3-tired centerpieces for the teacher's Madison Beach Hotel wedding. After the wedding and having four years of event experience Abby decided that this is where her passion was and then created a business around it. Over the last 10 years, Abby has worked in all aspects of an event and has taken every opportunity to enrich her event planning skills. 

The Little Planner is a planning and coordination business ensuring that couples and individuals have their dream events. We are able to work in person, virtually, or over the phone. 


If you are interested in an event other than a wedding please send us an inquiry and we would be happy to accommodate! 

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