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Saturdays are for the Boys!

Whether you are going for drinks, games, or wanting to book your bachelor or stag party. Here are 3 options or ideas that can bring to life your day with the boys!

Thrillz Adventure Park

This all-inclusive adventure park is the one place where you get to indulge in all your Wipeout dreams! Thrillz is located in Danbury and offers everything from Axe Throwing, VR experiences, Gyro Rides, and laser tag. It is conveniently located next to their trampoline park and Broken Symmetry Gastro Brewery. You can spend 1-4 hours here with pricing starting at $19.00!

Whitney Farms Golf Course

This isn't your typical driving range, it's your virtual range! Virtual is a new favorite in the golf world. At Whitney Farms in Monroe, you can bring all the guys together for drinks and a unique experience. It's easy to book right on their website and pricing starts at $50.00. You can even book your bachelor or stag party here as Whitney Farms offers private event space!


For me, this is a place I would even go to! Barcade opened their 6th location right on Orange Street in New Haven, they offer over 60 classic games and have over 20 daily tap options. They are open after 2:00 pm on the weekdays and 4:00 pm on the weekends. During the week they have happy hour and also have events throughout the year. Also, if parking is a worry you can get a voucher for the George Street garage if you spend more than $25 on your check.

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