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Music to your ears!

Updated: Jan 2

Music is such a key part of life and new beginnings. A single song can encompass all your feelings in 3 minutes and those are the songs that should be played on your wedding day. Either it is the first song you both listened together or the song that you sing in the car or the one that encompasses your love. Whatever the song may be there are many opportunities on your wedding day for it to be played!

On your wedding day music is needed during these times

  • Getting ready - listen to your favorites with your friends, maybe throw in some Akon, Jay-Z, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, or Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton

  • Prelude music for the ceremony - songs or instrumentals played while guests are arriving for the ceremony

  • Processional- softer music played when walking down the aisle

  • Recessional - feeling good music played when walking up the aisle

  • Cocktail hour - think songs you might play in the car but still be able to have a conversation over them

  • Introduction- Music needed for your wedding party to be introduced as well as your song when you enter as newlyweds

  • First Dance - This is the song that encompasses your love

  • Family Dances- Songs that mean something to you and your significant family member

& The song to get everyone out onto the dance floor!

Here are some songs that I have been saving to share with you! They are all different genres of music and many of them have alternate versions that can be explored and used. These are songs I listen to on my Spotify and imagine my clients using or picture wedding parties dancing to them.

Hometown by Sheppard:

Overall: good beat and makes you want to dance

Lyrics: It may not be 100% appropriate for love but seconds 23 to 58 have great lyrics Great For: Introductions

Dancing in the Moonlight (feat. NEIMY) - Jubël

Overall: Great beat, and can be used for recessional

Lyrics: Nothing wrong with them but it can get repetitive

Great For: Processional

Nights Like This- St. Lundi

Higher (feat. iann dior)- Clean Bandit

Overall: Upbeat and jivey

Great For: Cocktail Hour

Sunshine- OneRepublic

Overall: Great song, you can feel the love in this song and it makes you happy

Great For: Recessional or cocktail hour

Without You - Parachute

Overall: Upbeat

Great For: Introductions

I Choose You - Andy Grammer

Overall: Deep and emotional, great lyrics

Great For: Cocktail Hour

Home- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zone

Overall: Amazing, fun, happy, groovy

Great For: Recessional and reception

Dancing in the Dark - Rihanna

Overall: Happy, makes you want to dance

Great For: Reception

Just A Little While- The 502's

Overall: Dancing and celebrating song

Great For: Recessional and introductions

Heaven Falls/Falls on Me - Surfaces

Overall: Mood and a little bit of jazz

Great For: Recession or cocktail hour

superstars - Christian French

Overall: Has a nice beat and positive

Great For: Recessional and reception

Paradise - George Ezra

Overall: It is just a great song

Great For: Recessional and reception

Dandelions - Ruth B.

Overall: Slower song but still is postive

Great for: Cocktail hour and reception

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