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Keep it Sweet, Simple & to the Point

Favors tend to be an area where creativity and ideas start to slow down because there are so many options! Here’s the trick- your guests want something they can enjoy later on in the night or is usable, but not covered with names or dates. Remember in school how they say keep it sweet, simple and to the point - well that is exactly what your favor should be!

Add Some Sweetness!

Cookies are a great way to add minimal personalization to favors and they are one less thing that you need to worry about - pick your colors, design(s), and packaging - then leave the rest to your little planner! Sages Cookie Co. is one of the many cookie companies in Connecticut that can bring your cookie vision to life!

You can never go wrong with simplicity!

Gifting your guests something homemade is wonderful and they get to take a little bit of your love home. There are many easy DIY favors that a family member, close friend, or loved one can make. Over the last few years, brides have had their grandparents make homemade limoncello or a canned jam. These gifts are a simple way to show appreciation to your guests!

Hit the nail on the head!

Now, this isn't a physical favor but it's my all-time favorite idea! Don't give a favor, use the budget you have for favors and donate the money. You can either have your guests choose where they would like the money to be donated or you and your future partner can choose! The best thing about this is that it can be written off in your taxes.

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