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Make it Personal:

Weddings, I have been working at over the years have had some neat items that are personalized but are also useful. I can tell you that your little mason jar filled with chocolates is not going to be taken and the masks and hand sanitizers won't either, everyone already has them and many of them. But your personalized games or something that has been handmade will make your guests turn heads.

Your guests want something that is useful, something that they can either enjoy later at night like French Macrons or if a party crowd some nips.

Add Personalization with these 3 ways!


Customize your new cornhole set with your name, date, or both. You can also add the e matching bean bags with your monogram. The great thing about this is that you can match it to your wedding colors or the decor of your house! Either way, it's going to be a hit at your wedding!

Bar Menus

Bruce's Bar

With COVID-19 the way guests receive their drinks has changed massively. There is no more waiting in line talking to the bartender or to each other. Everything is seated. So while your guests are seated let them have something unique and fun to look at. Creating a personalized bar menu is a way to have something for your guests to enjoy and laugh a little.

Table Bar Menus: 2 per table for each side.

A Favorite Drink

Homemade Limonchello by the Bride's Grandfather

If you have a favorite drink you want to share or if you have a family member who enjoys making homemade beet, stout, or another type of alcohol, then bring it to the table to share with your guests.

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