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Little Weddings

Each type of little wedding below has its own capacity for the number of guests. When submitting your inquiry, please state the type of wedding you are interested in having and how many people you are inviting.


Little Weddings

A whole day full of activities usually starting the night before with the wedding rehearsal. A Little Wedding has a full ceremony and reception running later into the night.

Up to 100 Guests


Small Weddings

The wedding day starting early in the morning leading into the ceremony and reception, ending the night a bit earlier around seven or eight o'clock at night. For a special send-off add some sparklers! 

Up to 75 Guest


Petite Weddings

Petite weddings start around noon for the ceremony, with a cocktail hour and reception ending around four o'clock in the afternoon. The night can lead to heading off to your honeymoon or having an afterparty at your VRBO or hotel. 

Up to 50 Guests


Tiny Weddings

Tiny weddings consist of an afternoon ceremony, accompanied by a small champagne toast and cake cutting on site. There can be a reception which can take place at a relative's house or restaurant. 

Up to 40 Guests 



Minimonies, one of our most popular events is a gathering with your closest friends and family at a destination location to have a weekend getaway. The weekend starts with an activity leading into a dinner rehearsal. The second day is Wedding Day, with a ceremony, champagne toast, and cake cutting. The rest of the day can be spent having a beach reception or dancing the night away under the stars. The third day is spending time with your guests either checking out the local scene, going to the spa, golfing, or just hanging out in your PJ's all day. The last day is the send-off day, saying goodbye to your guests and hello to your honeymoon!

Up to 30 Guests 



This type of wedding is the littlest type of wedding The Little Planner specializes in. An elopement is a small ceremony, with a first dance after the kiss and a champagne toast to the new couple! Elopements can take place in your family's backyard, a local park, or even on a boat.

Up to 20 Guests 

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